Loki Variant Socks

Loki Variant Socks

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Will the real slim Loki please stand up? Marvel’s God of Mischief uses his shapeshifting magic to take on many forms, from Captain America to the Allfather Odin himself. In his new time-trotting multiverse adventure, each new form seems more stylish than the last. Whether he’s a dapper D.B. Cooper, a polished politician, or even in classic frost giant blue - Loki has drip in any form, no matter the timeline, and with these comfy new premium Loki socks you won’t have to pick a favorite. Wear them casual with sneakers, rock them at the gym, or elevate your look on a night out - let everyone know the burden of your glorious purpose!

Fully sublimated (except the solid black toe and heel portion), one size fits all (up to 12 men's) crew socks are comfortable, practical and beautiful. These Marvel-inspired Loki socks are made from 75% polyester, 10% cotton, 10% chinlon and 5% spandex and they are mid-calf length. Care Instructions: Cold wash with similar colors and hang dry.

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