Loki Pin-Back Buttons
Loki Pin-Back Buttons
Loki Pin-Back Buttons

Loki Pin-Back Buttons

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Do you support Marvel’s Loki - burdened with all his glorious purpose? God-king may not be an available elected position, but the President should be a good place to start.

Do you surf the Sacred Timeline with the Time Variance Authority? Have an infinity stone for a desk paperweight? Express your commitment to the Time-Keepers in their endeavors to maintain a tidy timeline... or maybe you simply stan the office mascot Miss Minutes and this is the safest way to show it. Wherever your allegiances lie, these awesome Pin-Back Buttons are an amazing way to add a bit of flair. 

Buttons come in packs and are covered with scratch and UV-resistant mylar with a standard button-back. Each pin button is handcrafted for the ultimate quality, befitting of Marvel's Loki. He is a god after all.

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